Where do we get our recipe inspiration?

Each time we create a new menu we reflect on experiences we have had in restaurants, skills we have learnt on courses and also life in general. By that last one I mean friend's and family. When people talk to us about what they are cooking or enjoying eating out, we like to take ideas from this and build on them.

In our most recent dinner party menu we were looking for a new homemade ice cream flavour. Previously we had homemade honeycomb ice cream which was such a big hit we needed to keep this on the menu but mix it up a little. This dish only brought a group of girls back for more events!

A family member also makes ice cream and her signature dish is chocolate biscuit ice cream... I know it sounds amazing already!!

What we have done is taken our basic vanilla recipe and incorporated this family favorite. But is this really dinner party worthy? Not just yet.

This one we felt needed something else, something to cut thought the super sweet and creamy ice cream. Something like a baked stuffed spiced apple perhaps.

The apple is cored and then the center is filled with a mix of nuts, spices and sugar, slowed baked until golden. Delicious. Feel like you need this recipe in your life? Leave a comment below and with enough persuasion I will upload the amazingly creamy homemade ice cream recipe!

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