The business side of catering

It's not all about catering, some days admin needs to come into play!

First and foremost we are chefs, this is our passion! Where we are fully qualified, have oodles of experience from working in Seafood restaurants in Sydney Harbour to providing private parties in peoples own homes. It's the fundamental root of our business and what we excel at... However it's not all chocolate fondant's and flambe, Mondays are admin days.

This side of the business was something neither of us had prior experience of and is completely self taught/ picked up over time. Either through trial and error, finding the best approach for our business or working with other local small businesses in workshops/networking events.

Its something we've really worked hard at but over time, as our business has grown we've developed our own processes, it may not be perfect but it works for us!

Were always open to new ideas and we love meeting other independent business owners and swapping tips and useful contacts!

Got an idea that's really helped your business or event's that you'd recommend let us know! or if you've got a small business and are interested in finding out about our journey get in touch.

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