Where are the catering prices?!

Struggling to find that catering quote?

You are organising an event and all you first want to gauge is a idea of price. Why is it then that you can't just get a quick answer.

We've toyed with the idea of having our prices on our website as they don't change per customer as such. You don't want to be under cut by competitors and also sometimes you can give the customer the wrong idea on the cost of an event. 

We work with each customer on a personal basis, how much service do they want, do they want to offer their guests a wide selection of food and another one is do they just want us to leave it with them to deal with. All these things affect how much time we need to allow for a job and how many members of staff. 

 If you have an idea for how you want your event to go, we are here to listen and help you create you idea.

Have a look at our party packages to get a feel for what you want for your next party!

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